To dual boot is easy if you have two HDD’s, but I will now explain how to do so if you have one and have to create a partition


~If you already have Vista installed and want to dual boot XP~

1. Download VistaBootPRO FOR FREE and save to Memory stick/CD

2. Decide on the space you want for XP, it is recommended that you have about 30gb, but it all depends on the size of your HDD

3. In Vista go to Start/Control panel/Administrative tools/Computer management/Disk management. Select primary partition, right click and select shrink, now choose the size you want, Vista will then automatically give it a new drive letter

4. Now reboot with your XP CD inserted, install XP

5. Log into XP, install VistaBootPro(.net framework 2.0 needed to run it)

6. Open VistaBootPro, ignore backup message, click System Bootloader and All Drives, click on Install Bootloader

7. Select Run Diagnostic, you will see Vista and XP menu, rename them if you want to

8. Click Apply to update settings

9. Reboot you PC and you will now have a boot option for Vista and XP

That’s it!

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