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The Marriott app for Windows Phone makes travel easy with mobile check-in, checkout and more

Travel just got easier with the updated Marriott app for Windows Phone. Now, the Marriott app gives you the freedom and ease of making your reservations, checking in and checking out 24/7 from just about anywhere with your Windows Phone. With this update you’ll enjoy the following features: Mobile check-in and checkout are available at... [...]

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Server Vs. NAS

Server Vs. NAS (Network Attached Storage) Last week I was asked by a client of mine about upgrading their current IT infrastructure and which direction should we proceed. Should they purchase a Network Server or a NAS? A little bit of background information. My client (a law firm) has a total of 6 computers in the [...]

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Configuring iPad To Send Email

So you've made the leap and purchased the New iPad and now you're ready to play with it. First you need to configure your POP email account in order to send/receive email. After copying your configuration from Outlook or your Smartphone, you are now ready. All goes well and you are receiving all emails without [...]

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Wireless Security For Your Home/Business

Many Home Based Businesses are running some sort of wireless network these days. Sadly I have come across way too many of these networks which are unsecured. Most of these businesses don't understand the implications of not securing their wireless networks. Not securing your wireless can lead to disaster and tons of security issues. There [...]

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