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Why hire a full-time IT personal when you can have the same IT support for only a fraction of the cost with IT Mayday?

With IT Mayday’s service agreements options you can sign up for a monthly plan that is customized to your business, you will be able to track your support status and see what is being done on your computer network in the office with our online ticketing service.

We focus mainly on proactive maintenance tasks on the computers and servers that will take place on a monthly basis to insure the computers are working optimally, minimizing the down time caused by computer errors, viruses and hardware failures. We also take action REACTING to daily issues your company might have, and to your employees needs.

Call us today (647-977-7113) to schedule your FREE consultation to allow IT Mayday to asses your computer support needs and customize a technical support plan that will fit your business needs and budget.


At IT Mayday no project is too small. From SMBs to home users, we will help from start to finish. We specialize in IT Network Management & IT Project Management.

Below are a just a few of the services we offer.

  • Budget Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Office Moves
  • Disaster Recovery & Implementation
  • System Upgrades & Implementations

Servers, Networking and Customized Systems

“Companies requiring IT Project Management” contact IT

Taking a business planning approach to computer systems, servers and support systems.

Save time and let IT Mayday Determine your Requirements

An effective way for IT Mayday to relocate your server room requires the following information and personal site inspection.

For example:

  • Determine the server room space and requirements specs
  • Specs include: Ventilation System, Air Conditioning, UPS requirements,
  • Evaluation for updating requirements
  • Testing and evaluating of system operations
  • Ensure connectivity with all departments effected by the move

“A good rule of thumb is to ensure a swift and efficient move with minimal system interruption”


Network or Computer Problems can sometimes be solved quickly with a simple on site visit by one of our qualified technicians.  An on site visit can be arranged for the Greater Toronto Area. Please call (647-977-7113) or use the form below to request a visit.