Web Hosting

Domain & Website Hosting

IT Mayday understands that the decision to move forward with a website is sometimes a difficult one with lots of questions and not enough answers.

  • If you have any questions – IT Mayday can provide you with the Answers
  • ITMayday has proven results for total satisfaction.

These strategies and activities relate directly to your WEBSITE.

A touch of a button gives you World Wide exposure because it is an immediate entrance into another companies monitor and your introduction to them:

  • Introduction
  • Branding
  • Exposure
  • Source of Information
  • Business Productivity
  • Excellent Source of Recognition

Throw away the Old Style of Business

Always call IT Mayday for your Website, the results of Old Style Business are long gone for effective marketing and your company’s progress and success.

  • Phone Calls – time consuming and frustrating
  • Flyers and Print Material – 5,000 flyers generates one qualified lead
  • Billboards – costly and ineffective
  • Newspaper and Magazine advertising – 10 day run on the same ad only gets minimum results
  • Direct Mail Advertising – 2500 direct mail may get one qualified lead
  • Network family, friends and acquaintances –  You will have to network 10 people for 1 lead

IT Mayday will provide you with a full-featured online platform for managing your mailing lists, designing your messages and layouts, and sending your messages. Alternately, we can also manage your entire campaign for you. Contact us for more information.